Ken Oliver 'Try-Me' Kit - Mid Summer's Dream


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This Try Me Set Mid Summer's Dream Set from Ken Oliver is a sample pack of 3 of Ken’s different product lines that are designed to work together.

'Color Burst' powder is an ultra fine, highly concentrated pigment powder used to create dazzling watercolour projects.  This powder is supplied in a fine tip applicator bottle that allows for accurate application of the powder.  Ken was searching for a new delivery method of getting ink onto paper and the idea of sprinkling a fine, dry powder onto a medium before applying either a spritz or brush-full of water really fit the bill.

Liquid Metals are a suspension of finely granulated metallic powder along with colorant in a dispersing liquid. They're translucent, waterbased, non-toxic, and clean up easily with soap and water. Liquid Sparkles are a translucent, glittery paint medium that you can easily apply onto your desired surface for a beautiful, sparkly look. Use direct from bottle or add to mediums on your palette. Blends well with inks, watercolor, acrylics and Color Burst. Water soluble, non-toxic and easy to clean up.

This collection includes three bottles of color burst powder, a bottle of liquid metals and 2 bottles of liquid sparkles.


3 x Color Burst

Olive Green


Cerulean Blue

1 x Silver Bells Liquid Metals

2 x Liquid Sparkle