Amarilys Henderson Espressive Facetones - Peerless Watercolors


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This Peerless Watercolors pack was developed in tandem with the book Drawing and Painting Expressive Little Faces by Amarilys Henderson, where she walks readers through the process of building a face with proper proportions and packed with lots of personality. This hand-picked set of paints are a vibrant twist on skin tones.  Amarilys is an amazingly talented artist and teacher (find her courses HERE) who personally picked out the following 10 full-sized Peerless watercolor paints for this palette: Lip Smackin' Pink, Flesh Tint, Blush Rose Pink, Nectar, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Make Up, Carnation Pink, Warm Sepia, Bismark Brown Click on the link to order her gorgeous book "Drawing and Painting Expressive Little Faces"  and be sure to follow her on Instagram @watercolordevo to keep up with everything she is doing!